Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Scott's Patented Magnet Drain

The Video above (please click link) demonstrates the Magnet Drain. Essentially, it is a sanitary, stoppage proof drain. The homeowner can take the stopper out anytime they like and clean the inside of the drain with a standard 'bottle brush'. It can be adapted to the faucet on your sink today with a kit, or it can be cable driven like American Standard's Speed Connect drain (although that drain is sure to stop up and you will call a plumber out in no time.. poor engineering!).

In addition, the Magnet Drain can be used in bathtubs or used as a Kitchen Sink Remote Drain (much like Kohler's or Mountain's but this one has no lever or intrusion in the drain).

All major OEM's are looking at this technology. It is also apparent that it is going to retail soon as well. Look for it; ask for it. It might show up under Dearborn, Oatey or the Danco label. We'll see soon enough. Scott

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Air Gap / Soap Dispenser Combo

These are the Air Gap Combos. It's a recent patent of mine that made it's way to retail. To get a better look at them, please visit my website at: or .

This was such a simple invention. No one likes the ugly stub on their Kitchen Sink, although it is required by the Uniform Plumbing Code. Now you can replace it with a combination Air Gap /Soap Dispenser, Soap Dish or even a Paper Cup Dispenser. It comes in Chrome, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Victorian Bronze.

Again, any further information you need about this part, please contact me at 707-291-2522. If you do visit our website and you are a plumber or wholesaler, please call me for discount on pricing. Please watch video below. Scott

Bucket Buddy

This is the Bucket Buddy. What can you do with this? Well, as a plumber for over 20 years, I stopped cutting the hell out of my hand. I ventured onto a job one day and saw an electrician (Ron Cox and co-inventor) had cut notches in his 5 gallon bucket. I teamed up with him, filed a patent and got it licensed.
If you think plumbers struggle to cut 1 1/2" - 2" ABS/PVC pipe with a handsaw, think again... electricians have to cut steel 3/4" conduit with a hacksaw. This is a good tool for all fields of construction.
Regardless, this little tool help you measure your nipples and works as a vice in supporting the pipe while you cut it! For further information, please contact me at 707-291-2522. Scott

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Pictures and Literature in this blog show where The EDGE is be used, why it saves time and money, how it is installed. This was my first patented product. For further information, you can call me at 707-291-2522 or email me at .

All inventions real inventions come from necessity. This was certainly the case with this one! I was having a machine shop CNC these plastic parts for me at $10 each. Once I found out I could injection mold this part for less than $1.00, I knew I had something. Kohler, Delta, Gerber, LSP, Pasco and more accepted the product. My licensee who was selling the parts to these companies disappeared from the planet and it came back to me. Great patent.. great little part.

If you need them, contact me. I don't have to say much about this part; if you are a plumber, you will know exactly what it does when you see the pix below! Thanks for your time.